Strategic communication of memory during interpersonal interaction

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This study was designed to examine the effectiveness of using memories about another person to communicate how important or valuable this person is. As people tend to have better memory for things that are important to them, we believe that one's memory for information concerning another individual is a good indicator of how important this individual is considered. In this study, we examined if communications of memory convey relational value and whether people's communications can be improved by using memory as a strategy to convey relational value.

In the current study, you were presented with responses that previous participants produced in reaction to an online conversation with a stranger. You were asked to rate these responses on how much importance participants placed on the conversation and how much the participants liked their conversation partner. These data will allow us to determine how effectively the participants from the previous study communicated relational value.

As stated in the consent form, your data will be anonymised, so that it is impossible to trace this information back to you.

Please ask any questions you might have or discuss any concerns with Mr Andrei Pintea (PhD student) or Dr Devin G. Ray (supervisor) in the School of Psychology, University of Aberdeen, by emailing or, respectively.

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Ray, D. G., Gomillion, S., Pintea, A. I., & Hamlin, I. (2018). On being forgotten: Memory and forgetting serve as signals of interpersonal importance. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.